Live, Love, Laugh, and A Weekly Face Mask

We know you're busy... it just goes with this time of year.

We also know that sometimes taking time for yourself is too far down the to-do list so it's something you never get around to doing.

But it's so important to find things that remind you to slow down and pamper your soul, right?

This is where SpaStar comes in.

SpaStar Luxury Spa Wraps and Headbands are all about reminding you that taking moments to soothe your soul is a simple, yet powerful way to look and feel amazing.

Just slipping into your SpaStar sends your body a message that some TLC is on the way.

Try this mini at home facial protocol:

  • Change into your luxury SpaStar Wrap and SpaStar Headband
  • Luxury Wash ✨ Let your cleanser work by gently massaging it into the skin for 45 seconds. This will create a clean palette for your at home facial and get you feeling relaxed to enjoy the moment of skincare and self-care.
  • Gentle Exfoliation ✨ Apply a gentle scrub or enzyme. Be sure to follow directions on product packaging. Rinse thoroughly. (This step is not a must, but is an added benefit by providing extra exfoliation to enhance results of the face mask step coming up.)
  • Apply a face mask and pour a cup of caffeine-free tea to sip on while you relax into the moment.
  • Rinse, tone, and apply serums, moisturizer, eye cream and lip balm.
  • Notice yourself feeling better!
  • EXPERT TIP: Block out time on your calendar for your next "date" with yourself.

SpaStar Luxury spa wraps and headbands are designed to remind you that you deserve pampering time. You deserve to look and feel beautiful. You deserve moments of self-care and relaxation.

Live, Love, Laugh and A Weekly Face Mask!

Don't have your SpaStar Luxury Spa Wrap yet? Get yours here:

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