Five New Year Soul-Saving Self-Care Tips

As we head into the new year, one thing is obvious: we are all feeling exhausted.

Now, more than ever, creating beautiful moments of self-care needs to be a top priority.

Let us help you find a way to fit some feel better moments into your life.

1. Keep gel eye masks in the fridge.

Apply them on mornings when you need an extra boost of wake me up energy. Trust me, it magically wakes you up - body, mind, and soul.

2. Grab a few bath bombs and soak away the overwhelm!

Find my favorite wellness bombs here.

3. Use the Radical Radiance book to calm and center your soul when you feel (post holiday) rattled.

Open this book randomly when you need a soul-pick-me-up >> the right page will find you. Find it Here

4. Add a box of Yogi Healthy Skin Tea to your grocery list.

Then, make the time to sit and sip for 20-30 minutes while knocking out your must-have amazon orders.

5. For the Ultimate Stress Dissolver...

Put on your SpaStar Luxury Spa Wrap, light a luxurious candle, and apply a feel-good / smell-good mask - don't forget your décolleté.

No one will even miss the Christmas lights when you show up with glowing skin!

If you would like suggestions on a face mask for your skin type, email and tell me a little about your skin. As the founder of SpaStar and a 22-year Licensed Esthetician, I can give you a few recommendations ;)

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