The Perfect Gift for Women

luxury spa wrap

Do you have any of these amazing people in your life?

If so, the SpaStar Get Ready Wrap will make the perfect holiday gift for them. They'll love it!

The Impossible - The person who has it all and you NEVER know what to get them. SpaStar is the perfect gift because 99.9% chance that they don't own one, and 100% fact, they will love that it's a functional and fancy gift! We get it - you want to buy this person a gift that will wow them, but it’s nearly impossible - until now.

The Traveler – You love listening to her stories because her life is fun! What could you possibly get her that she needs but doesn’t already have? SpaStar wraps and headbands are super lightweight, packable, and functional (plus, make a great pool coverup). They are perfect for traveling and they'll make her feel Audrey Hepburn chic when she's on the road!

The Spa Goer – SpaStar wraps and headbands are much better than the bulky hot robes that fancy spas make you wear. If she loves to pamper herself at the spa, the wrap and headband will become her favorite spa accessories! Honestly, you are a little envious of this friend and wish you would make more time for yourself.

The Self-Care Enthusiast – The friend who has a face mask on every time you call her. She'll love having a luxury wrap and headband at home so she can keep up with her beauty routines in spa style! You know this friend… she’s the one you call when you need advice on time management because somehow she knows exactly how to fit self-care into her schedule.

The Perfectionist – The friend who looks perfectly put together no matter where she is. She'll appreciate the perfect piece to wear while getting ready because she honors all the things that make her feel beautiful! This is the friend you LOVE to take shopping because she will find you the PERFECT outfit for every special occasion.

The Influencer - This friend has social media down to an art form and loves to showcase her beauty tips online… and we love watching them sparkle and share! This is the friend that leads you to the best hairspray, moisturizer, and lip balm!

The Esthetician - Personal experience note here - not only does your esthetician feel like a rock star when you give them a holiday gift, but the SpaStar | Get Ready Wrap and Headband is a gift that they will fall in love with and use every. single. day! This is the special person in your life that makes you look and feel beautiful and you can’t wait to see them each month.

The Wedding Planner - Meaning the BRIDE! She will love getting ready for her special day in the SpaStar Wrap! It will provide her with the luxury of preparing for her wedding in glamorous comfort. This is the gal who will stress out for one year - or more - of her life planning her special day, and you want to do whatever you can to help her feel organized, pampered, and prepared.

And saving the BEST for last… get one for yourself! You deserve to have a SpaStar | Get Ready Wrap and headband too!

SpaStar is excited to make your holiday shopping easy peasy.

P.S. If you are a beauty professional SpaStar is a great retail item (holidays are coming)! We are accepting wholesale applications. Find the link to apply at the bottom of the website in the footer area.

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