SpaStar Featured as Favorite in Dermascope Magazine!

SpaStar is getting famous!

We're so excited to share that SpaStar Spa Inspired Luxury Wraps and Headbands have been featured in Dermascope Magazine as the publisher's favorite, receiving recognition as a top choice for self-care and beauty rituals!

SpaStar Luxury Spa Wraps and Headbands were created to fill a gap in the market while also making life easier for the estheticians who carry them + their clients who buy them.

There are plenty of wraps and headbands and indeed most are less expensive; however, SpaStar's mission was to be the best in class (not the cheapest). It's to provide an elevated luxury experience while still being highly versatile and easy to care for. 

Amanda Strunk Miller's endorsement emphasizes SpaStar's unique qualities, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate and prioritize self-care.

This recognition is a gentle reminder to fully enjoy your beauty rituals and pamper yourself with SpaStar's Get Ready Spa-Inspired Luxury Wrap. They truly stand the test of time and will remain a most loved item for years to come.

Thank you Dermascope Magazine and Amanda Struck Miller for the recognition and thank you to all of our customers for being a part of our journey. We look forward to continuing to enhance your beauty rituals with the quality and excellence that SpaStar is celebrated for.

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