Beauty Tips - Introduction

Welcome to the SpaStar Beauty Blog.

Join Lori Crete on an empowering journey to rock your beauty world by looking and feeling beautiful at any age. 

Lori’s insatiable curiosity, willingness to share, and tell-it-like-it-is personality has won over thousands of beauty-obsessed clients, made her podcast an internationally recognized success, and a mentor to countless estheticians worldwide.

In this tell-all blog, Lori holds nothing back. You’ll learn the industry’s best hacks, celebrity beauty secrets, and more.


"As a creator of beauty and lover of all things chic, I know how one simple hack can elevate your confidence and change the trajectory of your entire day. 

After 20+ years as a licensed esthetician I have learned some amazing beauty hacks that I’ll be sharing with you here. It’s my mission to empower women to look and feel beautiful. Including you. Especially you." - Lori

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